IV Pushes

An IV “push” offers all the benefits of vitamin IV therapy in a more convenient and time efficient way. Offering less fluid and more vitamins a push is an ideal solution for those needing maximum results. Our pushes are infused via a syringe and slowly pushed over a 10-15 minute period to ensure maximum vitamin absorption.

IV Pushes Menu

Choose from a variety of our IV Pushes to address a variety of health goals.

Migraine Push

This custom formulation works exclusively to combat the dulling pain of migraines.
The migraine push is blended with trace minerals, B vitamins and anti inflammatory medication.

Immunity Push

The immunity push focuses on helping you feel better quickly. The immunity push is formulated with high doses of vitamin C, high doses of vitamin B, and trace minerals.

Beauty Push

Our beauty specific push is loaded with high doses of Glutathione, Biotin, and B vitamins to effectively treat skin concerns. The Beauty Push is most effective when used on a weekly basis.

Myers Push

Our Myers push is an all inclusive blend of vitamins and minerals formulated to meet all your wellness needs.

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