IV Infusions

Replenish your body with essential vitamins and electrolytes with
our variety of drips.

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Choose from a variety of our IV Infusions to address a variety of health goals.

Simple Hydration

Our fluids only package helps alleviate fatigue and replenishes electrolytes.

Simple Beauty

Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins designed to balance your skin and leave you glowing.

Simple Calm

Formulated to help alleviate anxiety with trace minerals and a soothing blend of vitamins that will help you find your inner chi.

Simple Immunity

Formulated to alleviate symptoms of the flu or whatever ails you. Loaded with mega dose vitamins this treatment will give you an instant immunity boost.

Simple Detox

Formulated to be your hangover cure with fluids, anti inflammatory, and anti nausea medication.

Simple Energy

Formulated with energy infused vitamins and minerals to help you meet that deadline or combat jet lag.

Simple Slim

Formulated with metabolism boosting additives. This powerful combination of vitamins will be your skinny solution.

Simple Myers

Our Signature IV meets all your wellness needs. Our customized formula is the perfect option for those who want it all.

Simple IV

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